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June 2023

It is the start of the summer and we are hoping you are enjoying the warm and barmy days.

Project is continuing to support you on your motherhood journey and we are happy to share the forthcoming events for this month.

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In-person meetings in London

16 June


Lunch with Doulas in central London team is inviting you to join us for lunch and conversation on 16 June 12-14

The topic of conversation:  “Where is best to give birth – at home or in the hospital? How to make this important decision and which factors to consider”

Our hearts are open for you, please register via the link on Eventbrite.

free but registration is required

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Yoga, Mindfulness and Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy yoga classes held in English in online format via zoom – Registration via the link below or DM to

Friendly and supportive sessions will help you to enjoy more comfort during your pregnancy and connect with your growing baby. The classes will assist in preparing for labour and birth as well as aiding the recovery once your baby is born. HypnoBirthing and mindful pregnancy techniques as well as use of rebozo and self-massage will be incorporated in the classes.

The last 15 minutes of each class will be focused on specific topics related to pregnancy, preparation for labour and birth and other related topics.

£55 for the block of five lessons or £12 drop in (after 36 weeks)
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Postpartum Recovery Yoga

Postpartum yoga held in English in online format via zoom for any postpartum women from 4-6 weeks after birth. Registration via link below or DM to

The class offers yoga practices especially tailored to the needs of the postnatal body to recover after pregnancy and birth and regain postural and hormonal balance.

You are welcomed to feed, change or comfort the baby during the class (which is reflected in the price) with alternative postures offered when baby is in hands, however the focus based on Birthlight philosophy, will remain on bringing comfort and nurturing to the new mothers. Additional guidance is given to women who have had c-section or any damage to pelvic floor (post tearing or episiotomy).

£40 for the block of five lessons or £10 drop in
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