Meet our team

We are all very different, but we are all united in our desire to help and support you on your motherhood journey.


I moved to England from Moscow in 2011 with my husband. I gave birth to my children in London in maternity centers in 2012 and 2014.

We live in Southwest London in the Wimbledon area. Living in Wimbledon inspired me to take on tennis, but I love all kinds of sports and being active. Walking, cycling through London parks, yoga, Pilates and meditation are an integral part of my life. I get great pleasure from attending various cultural events like exhibitions, museums and theaters.

Whilst my professional life started with career in finance, I knew nothing about doulas before I had my children but I have decided to become one following the transformational experience during my labour.

My journey began with attendance of doula courses, meeting colleagues, interacting with pregnant women to allow me to develop a better understanding of my role and how I can work with my future clients. In 2017, I completed a doula course in London.

I am constantly learning and actively using the acquired knowledge and skills such as rebozo massage, breastfeeding consultation, HypnoBirthing, aromatherapy, support with postpartum recovery and postpartum closing.

I confess that it is a real happiness for me to connect to pregnant women and new mothers, listen to them, support them, share experiences and instil confidence in them.



I learnt the alternative approach to health back in my childhood when I was collecting herbs and preparing potions with my grandfather. Esoteric was a normal way of being, magic was everyday currency. As a sickly child, I’ve gone through my paces from traditional to alternative, and this is when yoga entered my life to stay. The magical world collapsed when the USSR ceased to exist, and I flew from Kazakhstan to England to study dry and cold subjects of Finance and Economics.

29 years later and I am still here with my wonderful husband, my children and my dog. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then, including 21 years in Finance in leadership positions. But the universe was kind to me, and I continued to meet amazing people, who guided and supported me in my search for the Truth on my yogic path: Sylviane Gianina, Burgs, Francoise Freedman, Angelina Martinez, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Anastasiya Ivanova to name a few.

The birth of my children was life changing experience that inspired me to become a doula with a desire to help other women to feel the joy and embark on the path of motherhood with confidence and calm.

I am an “incorrigible bookworm” and I have unquenchable thirst for learning. I won’t mention the number of my financial diplomas, but in alternative field I have spent over 2,500 hours in training as a yoga therapist, doula, and holistic health practitioner! It gives me confidence that when I help women, I have a solid academic base behind me, backed by countless practical experience supporting women and babies. And now I entered the new stage on this journey by passing on my knowledge and experience through mentorship and supervision.

Following from a successful career in Finance, my focus is in supporting women’s health from conception to postpartum, using among others yoga techniques, Mizan therapy, Ayurveda, Bach flower remedies, hypnosis, homeopathy …

Having supported over 100 births to-date, I continue to marvel at the uniqueness of this experience and totally humbled when I am offered an opportunity to be present there. Doulaing is my calling and my role is to create the environment where woman’s choices are honoured and positive and rewarding memories are created regardless of circumstances.


Я очень рада, что смогу с тобой поработать.. Ты можешь написать мне сообщение, или оставить номер телефона и я обязательно позвоню тебе. Если мне нужно будет связаться с тобой в конкретное время, пожалуйста укажи это в сообщении. Надеюсь, что смогу быть полезной

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